Strategic partnership

"Strategic partnerships" in the higher education sector are international projects based on the implementation and dissemination of innovative solutions and good practices in higher education. The effect of this type of projects should primarily be the modernization of the didactic offer of the university, its better adaptation to the needs of society and the economy as well as the improvement of the quality of education.

Participating organizations (institutions)

Different types of organizations (institutions, enterprises) from countries participating in the program (so-called program countries) can participate in the project, one of which acts as a coordinator and only she applies for funding on behalf of the entire partnership.

The minimum composition of the consortium implementing the project is three institutions from three different countries of the program.

Universities from program countries participating in the project must have an Erasmus card for higher education. In exceptional cases, if it is necessary to achieve the project's objective, it is also possible to provide for the participation of organizations from partner countries.


1.      Food Quality and Consumer Studies  (finished)

2.      Trans-European Education for Landscape Architects EULAND 21  (finished)

3.      Higher Education for Central Asia Food Systems and Standards (finished)

4.      Capacity Building In Agricultural Innovation Services in CEE Countries(finished)

5.      Development of a serious game for digital learning in agroecology in Europe SEGAE (SErious Game in AgroEcology)(finished)

6.       Modern Agriculture and Future - Oriented Education (MO-LAB)

7.      Innovation of the structure and content of study programs profiling food study fields with a view to digitizing teaching FOODINOVO

8.      Development of Higher Education Content Aimed to Support Industries for Sustainable Production of Qualitative Agri-food

9.      Bioeconomy in University Agile Teaching with Erasmus + (BIOERA+)

10. Land information for land management ( Li4LaM)





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